More than 32 years of experience in Photography, Video coverage, Cinematography, Technical Director in TV Channels at
New Delhi, Computer Science, Windows Architecture and In-depth video software developments, tempted me to develop a 
Fail-proof, Stable, Low cost, Futuristic, Broadcast quality and Competitive HD Wedding Video Mixer, due to some clients
and friends request.
I never take up any job without proper R&D.
(Also I had wasted many years in R&D without success but got the knowledge.)
After 2 years of research and interviews with many successful videographers, I got lot of disappointments.
This is what said by many videographers:
“System based video mixers  can’t be better than stand-alone hardware video mixers”
“After sending system based videomixers to the spot we can’t sleep well.
The operator will call at 4am and may say the system is not booting.”
From that moment my interest got increased and a fire started with in me to take it up and started the work.
First issue was the virus and malware attack on the system, not bootable at the eleventh hour.
Ok,  what next….
File corrupts without any reason.
Ok fine, what are the plus with system based mixers ?
They said dozens of plus points….
Since I know linux in depth, I planned to use it to overcome these issues.
Rest all are like playing a game for me….
Hired world class logic builders, well experienced GPU based video coders, put my experience and 
got this beautiful baby, the giMix-HD Wedding Video Mixer.
You believe us and we believe our experience !
Well experianced Directshow coders in our team will understand each other designers.
Highly optiimised coding to reduce system resources like CPU, GPU and Memory usage.
We do all the new releases after checking the version on the spots for many months.
Fail-proof, Stability, Low cost, Futuristic, Broadcast quality and Competitive.
We release the new version only after testing it on the spots for months.
    * Customer Statisfaction
    * Stable and Steady
    * New Features
    * Reasonable Price
    * Frequent Free Updates
We have well experianced dealers and resellers.
Though our software is simple to operate, customer needs an introduction on features.
Our dealers and resellers are very kind to help the customers.
Teamviewer, Telephonic and Email support.
Customer can call the help desk to clear their doubts on the operation.
Please do not ask doubts about other third party software, or Windows operations.
G-Boombaa Playout Automation & CG Software
(Satellite TV Broadcaster, MSO & Cable TV Operators)
Exclusively designed for both Professionals and Amateurs
to run their complete automated TV Channel
Very first time in India !!!
You can do everything OnLine while the Show is running.
Yes, with the same PC, on which you are running the show.
Live Show with Chroma Keying, Programing, Scheduling,
Titling (CG), Report Printing, etc. (All with in less than 5% CPU usage.)
G-Boombaa with 1 PC / 1 Decklink card / 1 NVidia or ATI card and 2 Monitors
Makes the Magic.
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